It's a Pizza Party!!

Sergio’s pizza would like to invite you to join us for a Make Your Own Pizza Party. These parties are designed for children and families ages 5 and up. Participants will have space reserved for them in our dining area for up to two hours and can choose one of the following options:

  1. The Appetizer
    • Participants receive a hands on lesson on how our pizza dough is made. Kids will participate by adding ingredients and having the opportunity to touch and feel samples of actual Sergio‘s Pizza dough during this process.
    • Participants are then invited to create their own personal pizza, from cutting their own dough, to adding sauce, cheese and a topping of their choice.
    • Along with the pizza each will also receive a soda, juice box or bottled water.
    • All provided for $8 per person.
  2. The Big Cheese
    • Children will get everything in the “Appetizer” plus a complimentary Chef’s hat and Apron. Perfect for decorating.
    • All provided for $12 per person.
  3. The Works
    • You get the “Appetizer” the “Big Cheese” and a custom sheet cake commemorating the event.
    • All provided for $15 per person.
Please note: Each event is approximately one hour in length per group (10-11 kids). Please allow 20 minutes per each additional group. At least two parents or guardians will be required for every ten children.

All clean-up will be done by the Sergio’s staff.