Customer Loyalty (Sergio's) Points

For every full priced pizza purchased you should receive Sergio's Points (stapled to your box) as follows:

  • 18" pizza = 50 pts
  • 16" pizza = 40 pts
  • 14" pizza = 30 pts
  • 12" pizza = 20 pts
  • 10" pizza = 10 pts

Once collected they can be used for a future purchase as follows:

  • 18" Cheese Pizza = 500 pts
  • 16" Cheese Pizza = 400 pts
  • 14" Cheese Pizza = 300 pts
  • 12" Cheese Pizza = 200 pts
  • 10" Cheese Pizza = 100 pts

i.e Purchase two 18" pizzas and you've collected enough points for a 10" Cheese pizza on your next visit.

You may choose to add additional toppings at regular menu prices.


Sergio's Points are NOT awarded for discounted pizzas or other special offers and deals. Points are redeemable on a FUTURE purchase, you cannot collect a coupon from a new order and redeem it for that order. Tickets are color coded and stamped. Those trying to redeem Counterfeit coupons will be visited by the Barrington P.D. Widespread abuse will result in the termination of this program. (it's a free program, don't ruin it by being dishonest) Points cannot be combined with any other offers. Points have no cash value and will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Points (300) can be redeemed for our 14" Take n' Bake cheese pizzas (toppings extra) Sergio's reserves the right to end this program at any time for any reason.