Introducing the Sergio's Take 'n Bake

  • On a budget?
  • Heading to a get-together and need something to share?
  • Do you require a meal at a time that's convenient for you?
  • Or do you just want something on hand for those late night cravings?

Now you can have delicious Sergio's Pizza anytime!
14" thin crust pizzas made fresh daily,
to take home and bake at your convenience.

Here's how it works 

  • You'll need to pre-order your Take 'n Bake Pizza. (This ensures you'll have a freshly made pizza and not something that has been sitting in a refrigerated case for several days)
  • Call anytime, any day to let us know how many pizzas you'll need for a specific day.
  • SAME DAY requests must be ordered by 2pm and will be available for pick-up ANYTIME AFTER 3pm Mon-Fri (Order by 11am for pickup after 12:30 on Sat. and Sun.)

How much does it cost?

  • 14" Cheese pizza $6.25 + tax
  • 14" Sausage or Pepperoni $7.25 + tax

How many pizzas do I need?

  • Our 14" pizza typically feeds 2-3 average adults. (4-6 kids under 7yrs old)
    Please note: On all our pizzas, the sauce, cheese and toppings extend to the edge of the crust. Some places will sell you a 16" pizza and leave an inch or more of uncovered crust, essentially selling you a 14" pizza at a 16" price. We refer to that crust as the "bones" ... white, bare and something more suited for your dog.

How much am I really saving?

  • On any of the 14" pizzas, you're saving over 40% off the price of our fully cooked pizza.

How do I cook it?

  • Your pizza will come with a partially baked crust wrapped on a 14" cardboard circle. Simply remove the plastic and slide the pizza off the cardboard into a 425 degree preheated oven for approximately 12-15 minutes. When done to your liking, simply slide the cardboard circle under the pizza for easy cutting.